Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Phewtick Gives You Money, Just for Meeting New People? Or Exploited?

Would like to share an interesting phone's apps which is named as "Phewtick".

Known as " The Meet-up Diary" to make recording everyday meet-ups easy and fun and it is founded by Kazuhiro Naya from Japan.

I do like the concept of this apps because they have the similar concept like Foursquare but this apps can help you make money through meeting your friends by scanning their QR Codes.
There is only 3 simple steps needed to do in order to make some easy money as every 1,000 points is equivalent to $1 which can be claimed via Paypal but there is a limit of $30,000 USD per year as shown picture below.

Basically how it works, you just scan the QR code of the software with your friend and both of you accumulate points. The point can be withdrawn as cash if you accumulate enough of balance of SGD 30.

however, i still can't find the payment proof of it but will give it a try to test whether is scam or not.

Phewtick is ranked 3rd in social networking category in Singapore app store and below was the screen shot of the apps.
Overall it is a combination of a lot of location-based service, matchmaking, gratification and mobile user interface that is totally useless.

Seems like this apps can be exploited  for cash.

Exploit would require a image capturing device beside your own phone, camera or another camera phone for photo taking purposes.

I assume all of you are using Samsung phone, download fake gps from play store. The theory of phewtick is that you need to be at the same location with the person you are scanning, with the fake gps, you can set the location of your friend and ask him/her to send the image over through whatsapp. 

use your extra camera/phone to take the photo and scan it once you changed your location using the fake gps. if it does work. hurray for you then.


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