Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Color on the Street: Getting Down to Earth Tones

Tokyo is far removed from nature. But this month its fashionistas are borrowing from this oldest source of beautiful colors. Seal Brown, Cedar Green, Oyster. Natural earthy tones are springing up like mushrooms

Bold and shocking colors have ruled almost all year long. But this month i read online that they are starting to see a wave of basic earth tones that feels very refreshing. Colors like Stone and Seal Brown; Cedar, Olive and Vineyard Green; Oyster; Bronze. Used in everything from hats to coats to shoes.
Tokyo is suddenly getting down to earth.
Elegant, cute and classic are the keywords for the new styling. And as a little extra twist, Tokyo’s trendsetters use their hair and make-up to add some bright colors to this reserved and modest look. Red Dahlia dyed hair, a Blue Atoll wig, or lips accented in Mars Red.
It’s a subtle but smart way to bring out the earth tones, and also adds zest and vivacity. Like wrapping a colorful obi around a quiet kimono.
So i brought myself this. :)


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