Friday, 23 November 2012

Neutral Ground x H&M x PANDORA

Fashion's strongest understatements: brushed khaki, embellished ivory, and textured taupe. Go ahead, get a tan.

Fine-knit cardigan in a soft mohair blend with knitted-in sequins, a V-neck, buttons at the front, and a slit in the sides. 

Chiffon blouse with ties at the top and pleats at the hem and back.

Mesh-knit jumper with glittery threads in the yarn, a round neck, and long sleeves. 

Fine-knit jumper in soft yarn containing some alpaca wool, with a sequined collar and button at the back of the neck.

OK, am color blind, wasn't neutral ground at all. All are PINK. =.= 

Now's a REALLY good month to rock sheer tights – a toasty knit cardigan and leg warmers beats the cold weather. Steer clear of an all-black ensemble – winter’s go-to – with a warm-colored palette of browns and reds and pink!

That's why i'm having such a LIKING for knit cardigan/jumper nowadays. All the H&M knit cardigan/jumper are so soft toned and warmed color. Who can resist them, like seriously.

Some PINK bracelet to go along ?


This item is discontinued. FML please.

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